About Spreading justice

Human Rights Activists (in Iran) launched Spreading Justice with an aim to end the widespread impunity enjoyed by perpetrators within the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI). Each day, numerous violations are committed, many of the perpetrators of these crimes are left not only unpunished but often times unnoticed.

The Spreading Justice database documents violations in real-time and is updated daily. Each violator is profiled in a downloadable report that includes a detailed narrative of the violation, supporting documentation, reports, and media as well as institutional affiliations, detailed legal reviews, and any victims connected to their crimes.

HRA believes that the first step to ending the widespread violations occurring in the IRI is to hold perpetrators accountable for their actions. Spreading Justice was created to enable the International community to speak up, condemn, and take action against these perpetrators. The database is available to the public so that researchers, governments, lawyers, organizations, and activists can use the information for accountability purposes. Users can search the database by name, affiliation, and violation type, among several other indicators.

Each Profile includes:

  • personal information including date of birth, place of birth, and age.

  • institutional affiliation

  • a detailed narrative of violations

  • victims connected to the violator

  • supporting documents including court documents, reports, and media

  • legal reviews written by experts in international human rights law

About HRA

Lawyers on team

Since the founding in 2005, at the grassroots level, HRA has worked continuously to highlight human rights violations inside of Iran with a mission to defend the human rights of all Iranian citizens regardless of their religion, political view, social status, gender, or ethnicity.

As one of the oldest human rights organizations focused on Iran, and with a wide network of volunteers and reporters inside and outside of the country, HRA has successfully collected and published numerous impartial reports. Having been mentioned in UN reports and both international and domestic media outlets, HRA remains one of the most reliable sources for media, governments, and other civil society organizations. However, we continue to see widespread impunity for the crimes committed; leaving perpetrators both unnoticed and unpunished and victims without justice. 

HRA launched Spreading Justice to continue to defend the rights of victims by providing a tool to hold these perpetrators accountable. HRA has focused on profiling serious, repeat human rights violators, such as judges, prison heads, IRGC generals, police chiefs, the supreme leader’s agents, members of the Islamic Parliament, and many other relevant State and non-State actors. 

Lawyers on team